SummerCampFour Reasons to Attend a Christian Camp This Summer

By Martha Kohns

Summer is coming, and along with summer come thoughts of camp. Camp is fun for sure, but there are more benefits to a week away at a Christian camp.

Reason 1: Connecting with the Creator

God said, “Be still, and know that I am God” (Ps. 46:10). In the stillness and in the quiet, God is at work in our lives. Taking time to be quiet before God is a challenge for most Christians today, even more so for children. Most kids today have extremely hectic schedules with sports, clubs, lessons, and school.

Making the connection between the Creator and His creation is an amazing benefit of living and learning at camp for a week. With the absence of the routines of home and school, campers have time to open their Bibles, learn, reflect, and grow. Camp days are filled with activity, but it’s activity with a purpose. With sunsets, starry nights, trees, wildlife, rivers, and lakes, the peaceful setting makes camp a perfect place to learn more about our Creator and His plan of redemption.