Turn on the news, open your social media feed, listen to conversations in local stores and coffee shops—it doesn’t take long to realize that we live in a messed-up and fallen world. Yet in the book of Ephesians, Paul encourages believers to be servants of Jesus Christ even in the midst of trouble.

No matter what the persecution might be, Paul said, believers should serve in a spirit of unity and love. That charge is as applicable to us as it was to the believers of Ephesus. We must live out our faith as an example to others and lead others to live Christ-honoring lives. Everyone who walks through the doors of our churches is a sinner who is hurting and who makes mistakes. (We are part of that group too!) Ministry is not always pretty or easy, but God’s command is simple: we are to #LoveThatChurch!

Join us at Hamilton Hills Church in Fishers, Indiana, for four days of exceptional expositional preaching through the book of Ephesians. Modules on strategic planning, chaplaincy, church planting, and turning guests into family will teach you how to put into action your love for the church, your community, and all those who walk through your church’s doors.