Mosaic Baptist Church LEADBy Ted Martens

Webster’s dictionary defines a mosaic as “something made up of different things that together make a pattern.” As you read the Bible from cover to cover, from Genesis to Revelation, it is clear that God has intended His people to be a living mosaic. And as the revelation of Scripture progresses into the New Testament, it becomes obvious that God’s greatest mosaic is the church. The church of Jesus Christ is made up of different people who together make a pattern of Jesus. This key insight into God’s “big story” is exactly what burdened Faith Baptist Church, Hamilton, N.J., to plant a daughter church, Mosaic Baptist Church, in the inner city of New Jersey’s capital, Trenton.

Planting a Church in Downtown Trenton

At Faith Baptist Church we have enjoyed the rare blessing of unity with diversity for many years. Presently, 18 nations make up the face of our congregation. It is truly a treasure to have such diversity within our church. This treasure is something that we believed could and should be duplicated and shared with the people in downtown Trenton. As a result, under the leadership of Lance Walker, co-pastor of Faith Baptist, two years ago this past Easter, we planted an inner-city church to reach the heart of Trenton with the heart of God. Our first service was on Easter 2012. We had 25 people from Trenton and 65 people from Faith Baptist Church in attendance. Over the past two years, God has abundantly blessed His story in so many ways. Just this past August, attendance reached a record high of 156 people (all but 15 were from Trenton). God surely loves to bless the intentional pursuit of the nations in our cities!