Mark A. Weathers Crossway Books,  158 Pages, Paper, $9.99

The Bible admonishes men to love their wives, and one way men can carry out this principle is to pray for them. The author notes, “The average Christian man does not know how to pray for his wife. Unfortunately, when we do not know how to pray, we end up not praying at all.”

Here is a thirty-one-day study of Proverbs 31 that guides men in understanding how to pray specifically for their wives, avoiding the “bless my wife today” rut. Each of the virtues to be prayed for (one for each day of the month) is based on Proverbs 31:10–31, the section on the so-called virtuous woman. As a man reads each explanation and considers and prays for these qualities, he will also see the part he plays, in addition to praying, to aid his wife in developing these virtues. Each day’s study ends with a suggested prayer, a journaling section, and space to record answers to prayer. Weathers, a pastor and missionary, said his writing and using the material, which he didn’t intend to have published, has immensely enhanced his marriage.