Are We on the Brink of World War III?

Harvest House, 262 Pages, Hardcover, $24.99

The instability of our world prior to the Rapture drives us to walk circumspectly and knowledgably. Few people are truly aware of the issues presented in this book pertaining to the Rapture. It’s as though the closer we come to the Lord’s return, the less people hear God’s Word about it. A majority of Scripture is prophecy, yet many people seem to want to skirt it. Global Warning is indeed a book of warning, while showing how believers need to live in this day. It starts out with a focus on various realities in our world, whether they be dirty bombs, evil countries obtaining nuclear weapons, impure water, terrorist targets, the economy, or oil market vulnerabilities.

LaHaye and Hindson take a pretribulational, premillennial position on Scripture, and they bring their convictions to bear when discussing developments concerning Israel, Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, Russia, and other nations. The end of the book includes a section titled “25 Amazing Prophecies of the End Times.”