Conference article2Regular Baptist ministries today must be relevant and gospel centered. Likewise, our churches must connect people to the truth of God’s Word and nurture them to make the most of their union with Christ. These connections lie at the heart of the 2015 GARBC Conference, where Regular Baptists will examine the question, What can we do to ensure that we and those we lead are positionally and practically connected to Christ?

Mainstream evangelicalism has warped what this union with Christ looks like in believers’ lives and how it gets translated into local ministries. Dr. Paul Hartog has done extensive research and teaching on the believer’s union with Christ. He will unfold Scriptural truth on this topic during the Bible hour each morning.

Then, from the book of 1 Peter, Tim Jordan, pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in Lansdale, Pa., and John Greening, national representative of the GARBC, will present the practical implications of living a connected life. The intensely relevant nature of 1 Peter will push us to think about living out our faith in the social context of our world, which often opposes our values.

Come and be enriched not only by tackling this critical topic but also by the workshops, discussions, and activities. The conference is a full week of connecting as a fellowship. We take care of association business, making critical decisions that confirm our position. We also address current theological trends that can potentially lead people in our churches to doctrinal compromise and a false knowledge of gospel truth. Further, we share ideas and practical church helps that enhance our ministries. We brainstorm ways we can accurately and effectively reach our communities with the gospel. And, of course, we encourage one another by connecting personally and worshiping together. Make the week of the GARBC Conference a priority and get connected in Omaha, Neb., June 29—July 3!