DVD, www.EscapeFromDarkness.org, 71 Minutes, $14.99

Everyone should witness this moving testimony of Daniel Shayesteh, a former Islamic leader in Iran, cofounder of a revolutionary army, and trainer of Muslims committed to the extermination of Christians and Jews. He is now a committed Bible-believing Christian who travels everywhere telling about his salvation experience and warning people about the implications of Islam’s growth in Western nations even though he is hated and endangered by radical Muslims.

Shayesteh tells many interesting facts about his past religion, such as girls being taken as wives from the time they’re seven years old, men being required to wear beards, the Muslim religion being cruel not only to Jews and Christians but even to its own people, and music being evil (when he first visited a Christian church he was shocked to hear music). He was also very impressed that God is a personal God, One Whom a person can talk to. It was the manifestation of love on the part of a group of Iranian Christians that brought him to know Christ, love that was unknown in his former life. Thus the testimony is an encouragement to reach Muslims with the love of Christ.