Tyndale Seminary Press (, 492 Pages, Paper, $29.00

Christopher Cone is president of Tyndale Theological Seminary and Biblical Institute. The school, located in the Dallas–Fort Worth area, arose out of a need for a seminary that would hold unashamedly to dispensational theology. This catalog of pertinent articles on dispensationalism was produced in honor of longtime Professor Charles C. Ryrie, known for his fine scholarship, including The Ryrie Study Bible and his classic book Dispensationalism Today. In fact, Ryrie has the honor of the first chapter that appears in Dispensationalism Tomorrow and Beyond: “The Necessity of Dispensationalism.”

Contributors include Michael Stallard of Baptist Bible Seminary in Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania (his article is titled, “Is Dispensationalism Hurting American Political Policies in the Middle East?”), John Whitcomb, Robert L. Thomas, Arnold Fruchtenbaum, Gary Gilley, Ron Bigalke Jr., and Paul Benware.

This is a must-read book for those who hold to dispensational theology, a great defense of what we believe as we try to explain it to others. It covers such vital matters as the importance of Biblical languages, the role of Israel, definitions, the sufficiency of Scripture, the times of the Gentiles, the Day of the Lord, Daniel 9, the importance of Bible prophecy, emergent theology, and the church and social responsibility.