By Andy Stearns

We love to hate stuff. We all have reasons we prefer one thing over the other. Whether it’s food or hobbies, furniture or fabrics, we all have our likes and dislikes. I didn’t always love coffee. I began my journey hating the acrid drink. But I did learn to tolerate and eventually love it. Why, you ask? Well, for one, I hadn’t had a really decent cup of coffee. And two, I had not seen my need for the stuff. It’s the classic story of loving something you used to hate. I’m guessing you’ve had one of those experiences.

The Path to Loving Coffee

I’d like to propose that the experience of learning to love something that was once hated is an apt metaphor for coming to love the living God. And while you may still hate coffee, chances are you once hated something you now love. Perhaps it was lima beans (I still don’t like those). Or it might be a good healthy run to get your blood pumping. The kind of run that you once avoided like a potato sitting motionless on a couch. Whatever it is, I wonder if you might see the same parallel I saw in my life.