Journey Forth (, 136 Pages, Paper, $11.95

Author Peter Steveson taught personal evangelism at Bob Jones University for a number of years, and this book is a compilation of his thoughts, observations, and experiences. He emphasizes the word “try” when it comes to soul winning; most Christians don’t even try to win souls. He also rightly underscores that one needn’t be a “brain” or have a charismatic personality to obey the Great Commission: “I think of a former student who struggled to make a C in one of my classes. A nice guy but very average in his grades. The Lord has used him for many years as a successful missionary. . . . These examples can be multiplied many times. . . . The Lord looks for willing servants, not for above-average people.”

This book should be welcome for its fresh yet practical approach to personal evangelism. There are no “gospel blimp” gimmicks, only friendly nudges to do what we already know we should do in using five resources that never become obsolete. By the way, Steveson doesn’t stop with soul winning. He has good things to say about our responsibility to disciple those we lead to the Lord.