DVD, Baptist Bible College & Seminary (www.bbc.edu), $11.75+3.00 shipping

To observe the school’s 75th anniversary, BBC&S has produced this DVD to highlight the ways God has blessed the school in equipping for service many lives over the years. The DVD begins with interviews of a number of graduates and leaders, then summarizes what the school offers today. It also provides a glimpse of a memorable anniversary luncheon recently held, includes a delightful decade-by-decade slide show amid mention of a few interesting happenings in those years around the country, and concludes with a message from President Jim Jeffery, who notes what “a small cluster of people with a big vision” can accomplish through the Lord’s power. This DVD is informative and will also serve as a treasured keepsake for all who have had a part in the school. And that includes a lot of people in our Association!