JULIANA MORGAN, Pleasant Word, 69 Pages, Paper, $11.99

Every woman loves a good love story. Juliana Morgan has produced a Bible study on the Old Testament book of Ruth that not only captures its romance but also zeroes in on important doctrine to make for a deeper love for Christ, our Kinsman-Redeemer, and to possess a higher view of the greatness of our God in His sovereign control in our individual lives. The study helps one understand the times, places, and people through cross-referencing of other Scripture passages. Juliana brought in Christ’s return, millennial reign, Israel, the church, and other truths as well. The reader should better appreciate recognizing God’s sovereign control in Ruth and Naomi’s lives and thus be assured that He is just as interested in my life too.

Each of the 14 chapters has places to write answers to questions. Juliana Morgan is a member of a GARBC church.