BRAD CUMMINGS, Infinity Publishing, 352 Pages, Paper, $18.95

Before answering 40 arguments that people use against the resurrection of Christ, Cummings (a member of one of our GARBC churches) lays a proper foundation for this study by answering vital questions of the Old and New Testaments’ reliability and divine origin. He also covers several important questions concerning Christ: Was He really sinless? Was He really prophetic? Was He really miraculous? Is He really risen?

Some of the 40 theories against the Resurrection include the “hallucination” theory, the imaginations of the disciples, the dissolution of Jesus’ body into gases, the disciples’ stealing of the body, the idea that everybody visited the wrong tomb, the “swoon” theory, the idea that a wild animal ate Jesus’ body, and the idea that someone else other than Jesus died on the cross. Some of these may be familiar to the reader, but few of us probably realize just how many ideas have been concocted against the doctrine of the Resurrection!

Included are several appendixes, along with bibliographical content. This book should certainly be considered valuable as apologetic material.