A Literary and Theological Analysis of Ezra

A. PHILIP BROWN II, BJU Press, 288 Pages, Paper, $22.95

The Old Testament book of Ezra is one of the Bible books that don’t get written about as much as “favorites” like Genesis, Matthew, John, Acts, and Revelation. Therefore, this volume should be welcomed and added to one’s arsenal of helpful, scholarly Bible study materials. The back cover expresses what the book tries to convey about Ezra’s purpose: “Ezra composed this historical narrative to teach postexilic Israel about the goodness and holiness of their God. The themes of hope and holiness flow throughout the book as the Returnees learn anew of God’s promises to the just and of His wrath against those who abandon Him. Purification and separation from evil is necessary for the Israelites to be restored to true fellowship with Yahweh.”

The book closes with a list of expressions of God in Ezra, a bibliography, a Scripture passage index, and an index of selected authors.