ROBERT WHEELER, Pleasant Word, 82 Pages, Paper, $10.99

The premise of this book is that consumerism, not secular humanism, postmodernism, or radical Islam, is the problem that is bringing our nation down. Aiming at professing Christians, Wheeler warns, “Unless we are willing to reevaluate our priorities and make some radical changes in our life-styles, especially in the way we spend our leisure time, Evangelical Christianity in America is doomed to extinction. A church that has grown self-indulgent will not make sacrifices when the hour of trial comes.” A whole chapter addresses the problem of television: “Most of us will never have the kind of relationship with God that we ought to have unless we make some drastic changes in our TV habits.” The book, though short, has thought-provoking material. The author holds degrees from several schools of higher learning, including Baptist Bible College, Clarks Summit, Pa.