What’s new on the road ahead for the GARBC? Here’s what I would like our association to give itself to over the next few years. I’m asking our churches to work together to make this vision a reality. Will you help?

Young Baptist leaders—Capitalizing on the vast ministry resources of younger vocational servants is essential to the vitality of our movement. It is imperative we include these quality men and women. They have energy, creativity, freshness, passion, and conviction. Those of us who are older must find ways to integrate them as active participants. To our youngBaptist leaders, the GARBC has tremendous ministry potential that you can help develop.

Church planting—We must plant churches! Why? Church planting is not only Biblical (which is reason enough), but it makes sense. As we observe aging constituencies, the reality is that we must reproduce by church multiplication, or churches will die. Pastors, have you thought about planting a church in a nearby community while continuing your current pastorate? You could drive to the neighboring community and have a Saturday night service or a Sunday afternoon service. We need to creatively explore ways to plant churches. Let’s make it happen!

International networking—Our capacity for global Great Commission work has increased exponentially since the inception of the International Partnership of Fundamental Baptist Ministries. More than ever, our association can accomplish great works because of our relationship with like-minded pastors and associations around the world. The vision that our IPFBM colleague Ariel Abadiano set before us at this year’s preconference seminar was bigger than most of us have ever dreamed. By God’s enabling we are poised to accomplish great things for the cause of Christ. These brothers are becoming our leaders, not our followers. We must not miss the opportunity to jump on the bandwagon with them.

Doctrinal identity and stewardship—We must understand our values, convictions, and role as Baptist fundamentalists in today’s world. We must keep learning and updating the skills of effective ministry while retaining our theological distinctiveness. We must leverage our ministry platform of Regular Baptist Press and the Baptist Bulletin by publishing curriculum, Bible teaching resources, theological books, and ministry tools that are true to God’s Word and encourage maturity in Christ. God has entrusted us with publishing competencies that we must invest and expand.
Conference enhancement—We enjoy a great GARBC conference every year, but our annual conferences can be even better. We are exploring new ways to build upon the conference’s vitality, relevance, and usefulness. You won’t want to miss the 2009, ’10, ’11, and ’12 annual conferences. That’s how far we are working ahead!

Baptist Builders Club expansion—We want to greatly enlarge the scope and services of Baptist Builders Club. We want to provide valuable assistance packages, whether churches are in the “start up,” “build up,” or “help up” stage. Our desire is that every church in our fellowship understands that it takes a family of churches to raise a church.

Consultation services—Does your church need help? Consider the assistance the GARBC staff is prepared to offer: pastoral care, pastoral placement, church financial/business counsel, education training and resources, ministry revitalization, disaster aid, evangelism training, military and institutional chaplaincy endorsement, women’s ministries development, global outreach through international partnering, and technology assistance.

The GARBC is alive and well! We’ve got work to do! Contact the resource center team members to offer your assistance. Consider giving to the GARBC general fund to help support our association’s ministries. Need help? Jim and Jeannie Vogel, Chris and Deb Hindal, John and Hope Murdoch, Michael and Kristen Nolan, Chris and Amy Brown, and John and Daria Greening are only a phone call (888-588-1600) or an e-mail (www.garbc.org/contact) away. It is true—Together We Can Accomplish More!