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Myron Houghton (1941–2020)

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  • A Matter of Choice

    A Matter of Choice

    Without a doubt, we have entered a new chapter of American history—“the culture of death.” Romans 1 is for ...more

  • May/June 2019 Issue

    Pastors are making news, and not always in a good way. This issue of the Baptist Bulletin considers three measures pastors and churches can use ...more

  • Preventing Ministry Collapse

    Preventing Ministry Collapse

    Funny thing about secret sins: they tend not to stay secret forever. And when God sovereignly brings to light the things that we would prefer ...more

  • The Pastor's Preoccupation

    The Pastor's Preoccupation

    Pastor, what are you preoccupied with? Rather than preoccupying yourself with the day-to-day stuff that typically characterizes the role of pastor, what would happen if ...more


  • Baptist Bulletin July 1943

    Baptist Bulletin July 1943

    Articles included in this issue: Northern Baptist Convention Splits Over Foreign Board Studies in Genesis Studies in Revelation Studies in First Corinthians Pastoral Theology July 1943 (6.92 ...more

  • Baptist Bulletin June 1943

    Baptist Bulletin June 1943

    Articles included in this issue: Christ and the Crisis of Sin The Eleventh Annual Conference of the GARBC Pastoral Theology Eternal Security: The Devil's Last Stand National Association of Evangelicals Resolutions ...more

  • Baptist Bulletin May 1943

    Baptist Bulletin May 1943

    Articles included in this issue: Why I Can No Longer Fellowship with the Northern Baptist Convention and Affiliated Bodies "No Fire" Pastoral Theology Who Are the Agitators? Facts for Baptists ...more