Winter 2023 Baptist Bulletin

David Strope recommends
Theology That Sticks:
The Life-Changing Power of Exceptional Hymns

Music is such a blessing yet so controversial in Christ’s church!

In this first year of my service as GARBC interim national representative, I’ve sung the oldest hymns known to humanity and songs where the ink was still wet on the paper. Some (both old and new) were theologically correct and Biblically driven. Others (both old and new) were light on theology and sometimes just plain wrong.

Theology That Sticks helpfully examines music in the church. The book’s purpose is not to address the style of music but the text, the theology that songs communicate.

As author Chris Anderson notes, the hymns we sing truly shape our theology. He addresses the full gamut of songs, including psalms, classic repertoire of previous centuries, and compositions of recent years.

Through its 13 chapters and six appendixes, Theology That Sticks is full of features offering practical wisdom.

  • 12-part grid to help believers measure songs objectively

    Purchase Theology That Sticks.

  • “Grace Notes”: reflection and discussion questions for groups, children’s classes, and families
  • “Bonus Tracks”: a collection of compelling quotes about singing and hymns
  • Seasoned tips for hymnwriters, worship leaders, musicians, and tech teams
  • Curated topical lists of new and old hymns for public or private use

Theology That Sticks is practical, positive guidance. Read it with joy, understanding, and a teachable heart.

Sing and make melody to the Lord as a believer in Christ and as churches that truly desire to worship God!

David Strope is interim national representative of the GARBC and executive editor of The Baptist Bulletin. This book review was published in the Winter 2023 Baptist Bulletin along with an excerpt of chapter 1.

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