RBPIntThe dream of launching Regular Baptist Press International has become a reality.

The Dream

For many years, the leadership of Gospel Literature Services, which provides free resources to ministries around the world, has recognized the benefits of establishing a satellite publishing division in Asia. Two-thirds of IPFBM associations are located in Asia, and shipping costs from the U.S. continue to escalate. Previous attempts did not, however, have the local involvement or start-up funds necessary to pull off such a venture. But now that dream has become reality.

Chris Hindal, director of Regular Baptist International, says, “God brings the pieces together in His time, and our dreams become God’s reality. To Him be all the glory.”

The administrative body of the International Partnership of Fundamental Baptist Ministries, representing four continents, have agreed to serve as the board of governance for the new ministry organization in Northeast India, while a local committee looks after the daily operations. This committee comprises representatives from four IPFBM associations located in the area. In addition, one person will serve in a paid position as the local director.

The launch of RBP International wouldn’t have been possible without the help of a Regular Baptist church in California. When the church determined to dissolve, the congregation wanted to make a difference through the dissolution of the church’s assets. The congregation learned of the dream of Regular Baptist Press International, caught that vision, and helped fund the venture.

The Reality

RBP International has printed its first product. RBP’s Vacation Bible School program “Castle Kids: Choosing to Serve the King” just came off the press and is ready for distribution. Churches throughout India will be able to access materials that are true to the Bible and presented in colorful, engaging ways. The materials are no longer offered for free, but they will be sold at an affordable price, appropriate to their locale. Indian pastors report that VBS is the most effective tool in reaching boys and girls with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Every year throughout Asia, literally hundreds of children make professions of faith during VBS programs using RBP Vacation Bible School curriculum.

The Future

The vision of this new initiative goes far beyond Northeast India, beyond India as a country, and even beyond Asia as a continent. Significant ministries typically begin small, taking baby steps, but they keep moving. The next step is for RBP International to print RBP Sunday School curriculum for international customers. Until now, all RBP curriculum has been printed in English in the United States. Portions of the curriculum have been translated into seven languages and made available on a limited and local level. GLS has provided the raw files to translators, which allows them to swap out photos and add their own life applications. However, the portions of the curriculum that include Bible truths and doctrine are transmitted in pdfs that cannot be changed. For example, the Telugu translation of the Primary Department curriculum has a redesigned cover and looks like it originated in India. Eventually RBP International will make such adaptations. And, in time, the curriculum will be published in other languages.

RBP International is a tool for evangelism and discipleship. Its resources will strengthen the church globally so the glory of God might be displayed among the nations.