WINFIELD, Ill.—Last Christmas Faith Baptist Church caught the GARBC’s vision of how a sacrificial gift can make an eternal difference. The Association des Énglises Evangeliques Baptistes d´Haiti was struggling to recover after an earthquake ravaged its country. Faith Baptist learned that they could donate funds through GARBC International Ministries to help start a wholesale produce business in Haiti that would enable Haitian churches to become self-sustaining—essentially, it would help Christian Haitians to help themselves.

Members of Faith Baptist Church ended up giving more than $12,000. Other churches around the nation caught the vision as well, and on April 10, the Union Provisions Food Store in Haiti held its grand opening. Twelve families now have a source of income, and eight churches are receiving financial support through the store’s profits. The total funds that were donated even provided a significant contribution to the start-up costs for a second store.

“Praise God for those who shared in this vision,” says Chris Hindal, director of GARBC International Ministries. “It brings hope to a people who struggle every day to carry out God’s work in difficult circumstances.”

This year GARBC churches may again contribute to Christmas Giving Projects. This year’s projects will provide online education for pastors, purchase gear for churches assisting their communities with disaster relief, build a church in India, and supply Biblical resources for chaplains on active duty.

Calvary Baptist Church, Wisconsin Rapids, Wis., has already given a Christmas gift. Church member John Wilhorn became aware of Baptist Builders Club’s Christmas Project that aims to provide necessities for churches involved in disaster relief in their communities. John realized he had an almost-new chain saw in excellent condition. Wanting to make a difference and help those in the association who suffer property damage from natural disasters, John donated his chain saw.