Has your church become like a sick patient who refuses to go to the doctor? How can you tell when your church has become unhealthy? What symptoms will you see?

Neglects true expository preaching
Is your congregation growing spiritually through the careful explanation and application of a particular portion of God’s Word?

Abandons sound theology
While it may be rare for a church to struggle with false teaching or heresy, has your church given up on the regular teaching of doctrines that are unmistakably present in Scripture?

Replaces the gospel with other priorities
Does your church care more about buildings, programs, and community action than about the gospel itself? Does the gospel infuse every activity of your church?

Misunderstands conversion
Is your congregation characterized by people who made a sincere commitment to Christ at one point in their lives, but who do not evidence any radical change?

Neglects proper evangelism
Is every member active in presenting the gospel freely and trusting God to convert people? Do your church’s evangelistic methods reflect its members’ understanding of conversion?

Sloppy approach to membership
Is your church’s official membership list significantly larger than its average attendance? Has your church lost track? Do members consider their regular attendance to be an evidence of their salvation?

Ignores church discipline
Does your church teach and model what the Bible teaches about personal holiness? Does your church regularly confront, counsel, and discipline members who do not live godly lives?

Avoids true discipleship and spiritual growth
Is each member growing spiritually? Does your church emphasize Biblical knowledge without connecting it to changed lives? Are you willing to scrap programs that do not encourage true discipleship?

Suffers from leadership problems
Has your church been without a pastor for more than a year? Do your pastors and deacons have effective ministries? Does your church have a reputation for caring for its leaders or running them out?

For more information, read 9 Marks of a Healthy Church by Mark Dever.