In 1932, the first GARBC Conference—meeting in Chicago—was filled with “happy singing and warm fellowship,” says Paul Tassell in his book Quest for Faithfulness.

The same can be said this year of the 90th Annual GARBC Conference, meeting in Grand Rapids June 27–30. Highlights and photos from that conference fill this issue of the Baptist Bulletin. You’ll also read what the speakers said about the theme “Truth Matters.”

“In asking the question ‘What is truth?’ we know the answer. We love the answer,” says David Strope, interim national representative of the GARBC and one of the conference speakers.

“The question is not ‘What is truth?’ but ‘Who is truth?’” David points out. “The answer, of course, is Jesus Himself saying, ‘I am the way, the truth, and the life’” (John 14:6).

In addition to Bible teaching, a highlight of the conference was worship with songwriter and recording artist Matt Papa. He not only led worship each day but also shared a concert and taught a workshop on songwriting. Also not to be missed were luncheons and receptions hosted by various ministries.

“Happy singing and warm fellowship” indeed.

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On the cover: Nicolas Ellen preaches on “Truth Matters” during the 2022 GARBC Conference, held June 27–30 at Calvary Baptist Church in Grand Rapids.

In the Fall 2022 issue

Looking Back and Moving Forward
by David E. Strope
We press forward in life and ministry for Christ and His church.

Hold Your Ground
by John Scally
Truth is under attack like never before. Hold your ground.

Truth in Advertising
by Ken Floyd
Truth walks the talk.

What Is Truth?
by David E. Strope
Is truth abstract or concrete?

Discernment in a World of Lies
by Nicolas Ellen
We must develop love that discerns and discernment that loves.

Truth to the Nations
by Paul Davis
May God give us boldness to proclaim the truth to the nations.

Do the Truth
by Clare Jewell
We know the truth. Now we need to do the truth.

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