Q. How did animals find their way to the ark before the Flood? How did they survive all that time in the ark? After the Flood, how did these animals get across oceans and settle in other continents, assuming that the Flood was worldwide and destroyed everything living?

A. The Bible doesn’t detail how animals migrated to the ark; but we believe they did, simply because God’s Word records that they did. God obviously had a way of bringing them. Migration of animals is a common occurrence. I have always found it fascinating to watch how God has “programmed” animals in this way, such as birds’ flying south as winter approaches. Hibernation is fascinating too. God may have used a form of hibernation while the animals were in the ark. God told Noah to gather food for the animals (Genesis 6:21), but it probably was just enough for the stay.

Before floodwaters “changed the map,” the earth had a different geographical arrangement, so a meeting point would have been possible. After the Flood, land bridges would have still existed, making it possible for the various animals to resettle and repopulate the earth. The same question comes up concerning humans inhabiting and populating the whole world despite the existence of oceans. It is believed, for example, that animals and humans reached the Americas by crossing the present Bering Strait area from Asia to Alaska’s west coast. The water was shallow enough to allow them to cross over. Australia is one puzzle to some; but this continent is believed to have been at one time connected to Asia.

Keep in mind that evolutionists, not just creationists, have grappled with the questions you have asked. The advantage we have as creationist believers is that we are indwelt by the Holy Spirit, Who gives us discernment and enables us to accept by faith the authority and accuracy of the Word of God. Further, we believe in a God of miracles.

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