Did Adam and Eve ever repent after their sinning in the Garden of Eden?


Initially they didn’t, of course. The Biblical account shows them hiding, covering up, excusing themselves, and blaming others. The Bible doesn’t record their responses, emotions, and the like in chapters 3 and 4, which record the curses upon the serpent and the Devil, judgment upon the woman and the man, God’s driving them from the Garden, and the couple’s having children. One can only speculate as to the grief, tears, regrets, and other emotions that Adam and Eve experienced as they left the paradise that had been theirs. One wonders if they looked back and took one final glance.

However, sorrow must have given way to hope, because chapter 4 records life going on. God revealed Himself and His character to Adam and Eve in a new way following their sin. He gave them lessons of hope: the coverings He made for Adam and Eve and the significance of His doing so; the deliverance from danger if they had stayed in the Garden; the promise of a coming Savior.

They must have obeyed in offering sacrifices, as their sons continued to observe them (though Cain erred).

People hold various views about the exact meaning of repentance. Whatever way you look at the meaning, there is no stated record of Adam and Eve repenting. Perhaps that is just as well; the real focus is on God and what He did and continues to do—in His matchless grace.

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