Bulletin_inlineby Manning Brown

While reading the latest edition of one of the three magazines (yes, bona fide, come-in-the-mail, print copy magazines) I subscribe to, I have to take a moment to answer why. Why, in this day and age when there is so much information available on literally every subject, do I single out three specific publications? Why do I deem them so important that they make it to my nightstand—hallowed space reserved for only the most crucial items that I want at arm’s reach for my reading regimen before I go to bed at night? Two of those magazines pertain to my previous career as an officer in the Air Force. One specifically concerns air power and technology; the other concerns issues related to being an officer (or a retired officer, as in my case). Both publications are directly related to and come from professional associations of which I am a member. These magazines keep me informed on developments and changes in policy. And just as important, they reinforce my sense of belonging and the life experiences that have impacted who I am.

The third magazine I subscribe to is the Baptist Bulletin. And the reasons I subscribe are the same. The Baptist Bulletin is not just a publication for those in vocational ministry. It is intended for and beneficial to everyone (not just pastors) within our association of Regular Baptist churches. Why? Pick up or log into the latest edition, and the reasons jump off the page. From doctrinal issues, to how to serve others better, to keeping informed on matters that directly impact Christians and the church—it’s all there, six times a year, at your fingertips or in your hands. Subscribing to the Baptist Bulletin means taking a vested interest in what you believe and why. It means understanding what the General Association of Regular Baptist Churches is, why your church is a part of it, and what that means to you.

The Baptist Bulletin is available in both print and digital formats. So whether you like the feel of paper as you turn the page or prefer the simple swipe of your finger, the same great information is there, waiting to be read and reflected upon, and in some cases acted upon. Subscribe to the Baptist Bulletin, and place this important resource in your hallowed reading ground.

 Manning Brown is marketing director for Regular Baptist Press.