Some Christians deny Jesus’ return to rapture the church, while others seem blasé about it. And then there are those who do care. In this issue, Ryan Day reminds readers about “Longing for His Appearing,” while Brian Richard’s “September 23, Revelation 12, and the Rapture” warns about teachers who go overboard on eschatology. In association news, National Representative John Greening has announced his plans to retire. Read “National Representative Transition Announcement” and “Retirement: The R Word.” Read, too, about the Homegoing of Norm Olson, former Baptist Bulletin managing editor and author of the Q&A column (“Norm Olson’s Last Song”); about Regular Baptist church planting (“Church Planting Needs an Outward Focus”); part two of “Passing on Convictions to the Next Generation”; and third in a series on the Reformation (“The Reformation in Geneva”).

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