Q. I have met some believers recently who say that to truly be spiritual, one must know the original languages of the Bible (Hebrew and Greek). Please comment.

A. If this is true, countless believers are not spiritual, including even pastors and other Christian workers! Knowing the original languages of the Scriptures can be important, but it is also true that many resources exist to help us arrive at the meanings of Bible words and passages. We ought to learn all we can about the Word of God, but it is just as important to practice what we know. One could learn the original languages perfectly yet fail to apply them. In fact, there are unbelievers who know Hebrew and Greek, showing that a mere knowledge of these doesn’t save a person, let alone ensure a close walk with God.

I should also put in a word about scholarship. Some people go overboard in trying to obtain theological degrees, thinking that this will attain spiritual standing. We must remember the people Jesus chose to be His disciples/apostles. They were fishermen and the like–“unlearned men” (Acts 4:13, KJV) empowered by God. We should learn all we can. Education of the right kind can be used of God. But ultimately it is the heart and a close walk with the Lord that matter.

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