My wife and I drive an SUV with a rather unique feature: around-the-corner headlights. I know that’s not the real name, but you get the idea. As the car turns, the headlights actually move into the turn, illuminating a bit around the corner. Let’s see what, figuratively, the headlights reveal around the corner.

My service as interim national representative for the last two years has been invigorating yet tiring, requiring my full attention and effort. The Council of 18 has given me wide latitude to make necessary decisions, and the Regular Baptist Ministries staff has been most encouraging, capable, and supportive of my role.

One discipline I’ve been working on is best communicated by referring to a plow horse. The blinders have been placed upon me, the plow firmly hitched. My focus is merely on the row ahead. As a plow horse, I focus on immediate tasks, looking not years but merely months ahead.

On the other hand, a second discipline is illustrated by a long-ago trip through a dense nighttime fog on rural, twisting roads in upstate New York.

I happily drove behind a car, trusting that driver’s skills, following the car in the foggy soup for five miles. But, alas, that car reached its destination, and I had another thirty-five miles to go. Driving at a top speed of thirty-five miles per hour, I soon saw headlights in my rearview mirror. For all of those remaining miles that vehicle followed me through each twist and turn.

I had tried to follow but was required to lead, not only on that drive, but also in my forty-six years of pastoral ministry and now in my service for RBM.

So, I focus on the immediate months ahead—the singular row before me. However, I also must focus on the years ahead—the longer road of our fellowship’s future.

David E. Strope is interim national representative of the GARBC.