Interested in writing for the Baptist Bulletin? Here’s a running list of topics that we think would interest our readers. If you are qualified and interested in writing, please consider developing a proposal using our Writer’s Guidelines, then e-mail it to

Personal interest stories

The Baptist Bulletin is always looking for profiles on interesting people in GARBC churches. Whom do you know that has an interesting ministry, job, or hobby, or unusual family situation? Whom do you know who is active in the GARBC Chaplaincy, Baptist Builders Club, Gospel Literature Services, or one of our International Partnerships?

Feature stories

  • What to do when the media calls your church
  • Sports chaplains
  • Changing trends in the way we fund missionaries
  • Interracial pastoral staffs
  • Shaping your child’s worldview
  • Church dropouts—why young adults leave the church
  • The Greatest Generation—a retrospective on older church planters
  • Is church for sissies—low male attendance
  • Caregiving and the local church—shut-in, elderly, hospice
  • Leading Bible studies in the corporate workplace
  • Overweight Christians/health issues
  • Local and state Regular Baptist fellowships
  • The role of women in the church
  • Families, parenting, or marriage

Theological issues

  • Prosperity gospel
  • Sabbatarianism and Sunday worship
  • A Baptist view of the Lord’s Supper
  • The Lordship Salvation-Free Grace controversy
  • Biblical multiethnic perspectives
  • Practical answers to atheism
  • History of the GARBC position on Bible translations
  • Biblical manhood/womanhood issues
  • Why is Wicca still popular?
  • Capital punishment