Interested in writing for The Baptist Bulletin but don’t know what to write about? Here’s a running list of topics that we think would interest our readers. Please see our Writer’s Guidelines, then email your article to

Personal interest stories

The Baptist Bulletin is always looking for profiles on interesting people in GARBC churches. Who do you know who has an intriguing ministry, job, or hobby or a unique family situation? Who do you know who is active in Regular Baptist Chaplaincy, Generate, or one of our international partnerships?

Ministry and Christian life issues

  • What to do when the media calls your church
  • Sports chaplains
  • Changing trends in the way we fund missionaries
  • Interracial, multicultural, or multigenerational pastoral staffs
  • Shaping a child’s worldview
  • Church dropouts: why young adults leave the church
  • The Greatest Generation: a retrospective on older church planters
  • Is church for sissies: low male attendance
  • Caregiving and the local church: ministry to the elderly, shut-ins, hospice patients
  • Leading Bible studies in the corporate workplace
  • Unique ministries of state or regional Regular Baptist fellowships
  • Families, parenting, or marriage
  • Drawing nearer to God. How can we draw near (or nearer) to God? What does a life that is drawn near to God look like?
  • How and why to worship and serve God all week long
  • Soul care—regularly engaging in spiritual disciplines that will not only lead to a deeper faith in everyday life but will restore the soul when the person faces trials, feels burned out in life or ministry, or questions God

Theological issues

  • Prosperity gospel
  • Sabbatarianism and Sunday worship
  • A Baptist view of the Lord’s Supper
  • Practical answers to atheism
  • Capital punishment

Bible topics

  • Jesus’ seven “I am” statements in the Bible. What does each statement teach us about Who God is and what He provides in our lives and in the world? How does each one shape our Biblical worldview?
  • A brief study of Ecclesiastes: wisdom for a godly, meaningful, enjoyable life by putting God first and avoiding futile things
  • The various genres of Psalms. What are they, what is each one’s purpose, and what do they teach us about God? Studying Psalms can lead to a deeper faith—finding that we can cry out to God in prayer or can rejoice in His goodness, wisdom, justice, provision, and forgiveness.