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Think you can’t give? Think again.

What can your gift do? When you give, you have an impact for Christ around the country and around the globe. Your gift can help start a new church or bring aid and assistance to communities hit by natural disaster. It can get free gospel literature onto mission fields, support chaplains in the military and our communities, or publish books and material of Biblical integrity and doctrinal soundness. And now, through iDonate, a web-based processing system that makes giving flexible and easy, there are even more ways to give! You can donate to Baptist Builders Club, Gospel Literature Services, the GARBC Chaplaincy, and Regular Baptist Press also!

Q. How does giving through iDonate work?

A. iDonate serves as a processing house for donations for nonprofit organizations and businesses. While an organization can easily process cash gifts, noncash gifts are more difficult to process. iDonate is able to receive in-kind (non-cash) donations; such as vehicles, stocks, and real estate, and turn them into cash and pass it on to the designated recipient.

Q. How do I give?

A. Simple! Go to the GARBC ministry website you wish to donate to. (You can find its link on the main GARBC website.) By clicking on the iDonate link, you will be directed to the iDonate webpage. Through that website, you will be able to make your donation to the ministry of your choice. For example, you wish to donate a car to the GARBC. You simply select the kind of noncash gift you are donating and then follow the directions on the website. iDonate will work with you to arrange pickup of your vehicle and issue you a receipt (1098C). Once the car is liquidated (turned into cash), iDonate will forward that cash, minus a processing fee, to the GARBC. Cash, debit, and credit card donations are processed directly by the GARBC.

Q. So, am I making a donation to iDonate or to the ministry?

A. For cash gifts, you are making a donation directly to the GARBC ministry of your choice. For in-kind or noncash gifts, you are making a donation to iDonate. After processing, they take the value of the in-kind gift, turn it into cash, and pass that cash donation to the ministry. Typically this takes 30–45 days.

Q. How much of the donation is kept by iDonate, and how much is passed on to the ministry?

A. It depends on the nature of the in-kind gift. The more processing required, the greater the fee. The fee will never exceed 25%. However, the tax-deductible value of your donation is not affected by processing fees.

Q.What qualifies as an in-kind gift?

A. Anything that has value: vehicles, stocks, electronic items, even unused gift cards; just about anything. Most funds are typically remitted to the ministry within 30 days.