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Current Issue

  • September/October 2015 Issue

    How did the majority justices of the Supreme Court rationalize their decision on same-sex marriage? “Same-Sex Marriage—Now What?” by Glen Lavy gives perspective and practical ...more

  • Front Row: Learning Is Growing

    Front Row: Learning Is Growing

    An old Chinese proverb states, “Learning is like rowing upstream: not to advance is to drop back.” I am thrilled that Regular Baptist Ministries provides opportunities ...more

  • Same-Sex Marriage—Now What?

    Same-Sex Marriage—Now What?

    In the classic musical Singin’ in the Rain, the lead character, movie star Don Lockwood, offers reporters a quick, cleaned-up version of his early experiences ...more

  • Hobby Evangelism

    Hobby Evangelism

    Somewhere along the line, God must have made a “model railroad gene,” and when He designed me, He included it in my DNA. From my ...more

  • Independence Is Not Isolation

    Independence Is Not Isolation

    Baptist fundamentalism was in decay and decline. Conservatives were fracturing away from one another, unable to arrive at any organizational unity. Educational institutions were splintering ...more


  • Baptist Bulletin September 1944

    Articles included in this issue: What Is the Association? Our Missionary Policy Future of Association Safeguarded Who Controls the GARBC? Some Observations on Baptist Individualism List of fellowshipping churches in 1944 ...more

  • Baptist Bulletin December 1945

    Articles included in this issue: No Room in the Inn! The World in the Light of the Word Baptist Money for Baptist Missions Children for Christ, Inc. December 1945 ...more

  • Baptist Bulletin November 1945

    Articles included in this issue: Thanksgiving Profitless Prophets Annual Meeting of American Council of Christian Churches Meditations on Baptist Unity Christian Patriotism November 1945 (6.29 ...more