Write Church News

The Baptist Bulletin is the magazine of the General Association of Regular Baptist Churches—it’s a magazine about your church!

Each year we publish hundreds of articles about GARBC churches and people. You’ll find these in the Soundbytes section of the print edition, and online in the Association News category.

We are always excited to hear how God is working, so please consider writing a Church News report and submitting it to Soundbytes@BaptistBulletin.org.

  • Tell us what happened—Include the basic Who, What, When, Where, Why.
  • Be a reporter—Interview people involved in the event. Write down the interesting parts of what they say. Ask people “why” and not just “what.”
  • Focus on people—How did your event change the people who attended? Why was it important to your church? What were your leaders trying to accomplish?
  • Get the names right—Who was important to the event? Did you forget anyone? Did you spell their name correctly, and give their position or ministry at church?
  • Keep it short—300 words is good, or shorter.
  • Run spell check! Check “Proofread What You Wrote” for more advice on catching those little mistakes.
  • E-mail photographs to Soundbytes@BaptistBulletin.org. Make sure your photographs are at least 2 MB. Read advice from Darrell Goemaat, photography director, on how to Take Great Photos.

Do you have questions? Send an e-mail to Editor@BaptistBulletin.org.