With the Lord: Anna Ruth Hauser

March 29, 2012

Anna Ruth Hauser

LOUISVILLE, Ky.—Anna Ruth Hauser, former registrar of Denver Baptist Bible College and Central Baptist Theological Seminary, passed away Thursday, March 15. She was 86.

After the death of her first husband, Pastor Walter T. Miller, she and her three boys moved to Denver. There she served as registrar of Denver Baptist Bible College, where she would also earn a BA degree.

Dr. Kevin Bauder, research professor of Systematic Theology and president of Central Baptist Theological Seminary from 2003 to 2011, remembers Anna well.

“When, during the summer of 1978, I stepped onto the campus of Denver Baptist Theological Seminary, the first person I met was the registrar, Ann Miller. . . . Widowed while still a young mother, she had reared three of her own sons to godly maturity. Now she adopted virtually every young seminary student who walked through the door. Her interest in each of us was genuine and deeply personal. We knew that she prayed for us. We knew that she was on our side. She had as delightful a mix of the gifts of exhortation and helps as I have ever seen.”

Anna later married Dr. Charles Hauser, a seminary professor and academic vice president whose wife had also passed away. During their Denver years, the Hausers were members of Calvary Community Baptist Church, Northglenn Colo., where Dr. Bernie Augsburger was pastor.

Now serving as the state representative of the Illinois-Missouri Association of Regular Baptist Churches, Dr. Augsburger offered these words of tribute:

“Ann Hauser had many wonderful abilities and virtues as a christian woman. Though she had strengths in the areas of administration and organization, she never allowed functional duties to crowd out the relational opportunities that meant so much to her. Her positive spirit was contagious and encouraged people to achieve to their greatest potential. She never felt that her ministry in the nursery each week on Sunday was beneath her, and she served these precious little ones with special care and enthusiasm. She was one of the only nursery attendants who could calm our son and keep him from crying!”

In 1986, the Hausers moved to Minneapolis, where Dr. Hauser taught at Central Baptist Theological Seminary. He became dean in 1988, and Ann was asked to become registrar. They would later retire to Kentucky, joining Pewee Valley Baptist Church in Pewee Valley.

She is survived by her husband, Charles; three sons, W. Tim Miller, G. Paul Miller, and John M. Miller; eight grandchildren; and one great-grandchild.

Memorial gifts may be directed to the Charles and Ann Hauser Scholarship Fund at Central Baptist Seminary, 900 Forestview Lane North, Plymouth, MN 55441.

Denver Baptist Bible College alums at the 2010 GARBC conference. Ann and Charles Hauser are in front row at right.